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Submission Guidelines

We Have Upgraded to a New Submission System!

Haute Dish FAQ

Q. Hey, Haute Dish. How do you decide what submissions to publish?

A. The Haute Dish editorial board is comprised of student editors — several in each category of poetry, prose, and art, as well as a managing editor. All editors vote on video submissions. Editors vote “yes” or “no” to each piece. Any given piece must have a majority of “yes” votes to be accepted into our magazine. (Editors may submit work, but may not vote on their own submissions.)

Q. Hey, Haute Dish. Are you looking for new editors? Do you get paid? How can I get involved?

A. Right now we’re looking to recruit a few new editors across the board. Unfortunately, there’s no pay involved. Fortunately, it’s a ton of fun and great experience for anyone looking to pursue a career in fields like editing, freelance writing, marketing, or event planning. Interested students must be able to commit to two issues (one year), and should send a statement of interest along with some samples of their work in the respective area of their interest (poetry, prose, or art). Email Us