Submission Guidelines

Fiction Submissions: 1500 words max

Memoir/Personal Essay Submissions: 1500 words max

Creative Nonfiction Submissions: 1500 words max

Photography – Color or B/W: Submit at the highest resolution available to you

Poetry: 40 lines max

Digital Storytelling – Color or B/W: MP4 or MOV and 5 minutes or less.

Studio Art (illustration, painting, sculpture, mixed media) – submit photos of your work (for sculpture or mixed media photos of all angles help and include the story behind your inspiration if you wish.)

FAQ’s on Submission Guidelines

  • What category do graphic novels, comics or cartoons fit into?
    Graphic novels, comics, and cartoons full under Studio Art in the form of a PDF
  • Can I submit my work with Haute Dish and another platform?
    Yes, all we ask is that you let us know if your work is being accepted somewhere else as soon as possible.
  • Can I submit other previously published work?
    If the work was published by anyone, no. If the work is on your personal website or blog, yes.
  • How many submissions can I submit?
    You may submit 4 pieces in each genre for each issue
  • What happens if my work gets accepted?
    We require non-exclusive print rights to publish it in one issue of our print magazine. We also require non-exclusive electronic rights indefinitely so we can include it in our online issue and archives. All other rights remain yours.
  • What if I’m not a student or alumni; can I still submit?
    We do not accept outside submissions.
  • How long should my bio be?
    Your bio should be 150 words max and in third-person
  • Do I put my name on my work?
    No, we ask that you keep your name off your work so that the editors can all equally vote on the pieces