The Haute Dish editorial board is comprised of
thirteen student editors -- four in each category of poetry, prose,
and art, as well as a managing editor.

After the submission
deadline, names are stripped from the submissions by our faculty advisor and forwarded to the editors for review.

In this blind
selection process, editors vote "yes" or "no" to each piece. Any given piece must have a majority of "yes" votes to be accepted into our

Editors may submit work, but may not vote on their own


Managing Editor
Alicia Catt

Art Editors
Kah Shepard
 Dawn Nissen
Ben Rimmer
Laura Sourdif

Prose Editors
Ethan Glassel
Alice Lundy Blum
Kenny Bellew
Ben Findlay

Poetry Editors
Victory White
Jonah Volheim

Jake Wendlandt
Sally Reynolds

Faculty Advisor
Suzanne Nielsen

Interested in joining our staff? Have a passion for writing, art and artists? Want to gain real-life experience in marketing, editing, publishing, and design? We are currently looking for 1-2 new art editors and 1 poetry editor. To apply, you must be a current Metro State student, and be able to commit to three issues (one year). Inquire via email: hautedish@gmail.com!