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Summer 2007

Dare to Inspire and be InspiredBeryl

Modern life moves so fast. It is easy to see how one’s artistic endeavors slip by when pursuing an education, building a career, or tending to one’s personal life require so much attention. The artistic talents you were once so proud of may have fallen to the wayside. Perhaps you feel that you have been away from your art too long and have lost confidence in your ability to pick it up again. Your artistic voice may have grown softer over time, but it can’t disappear. I am here to encourage you to take the time to reconnect those pieces. There is no better time than now to find inspiration and reclaim your artistic side. As I begin my run as the new Multimedia lead for Metro State University’s literary arts magazine, Haute Dish, I am reminded of a summer road trip I took through the Midwest. It is now that I can appreciate the similarities between nurturing one’s creativity and nurturing those Midwest plains.
Trucks passed over the coarse gravel road causing the sun-baked dust to rise and fall in heavy plumes, and when it settled the heat replaced its ghost. Golden stalks waved from their earthy lot at us passing by, cascading over the subtle curves of the land. The air hung heavy and clung to bodies that tilled away on heavy machinery. Dew formed on flesh bronzing under the harsh rays- the only precipitation this time of year. The subtle breezes of pollen and freshly cut grass provided gentle release from humidity’s hold.

Beyond the reaches of that rugged landscape, we passed into the lower plains. I gazed out the car window at old barns with chipped paint and sagging roofs. Worn down machines sat abandoned in the flow of overgrown thickets at the edge of farmhouse boundaries. Solitary and rusting, they seemed to have been waiting there for centuries to be put to use again. I imagined this place wasn’t always this way. This place was once sturdy, sharp, and gleaming, but somehow life slipped by.
These images fill my head as I reflect on how easy it is to let your artistic talents take the backseat over time. However, it is just as easy to get it back. One way to fine tune your talent and keep it sturdy, sharp, and gleaming is through purposeful participation. This participation can be considered two-fold: seeking inspiration and daring to exhibit your own talents.

If it has been a while since you last worked with your talents, seek out inspiration. The Twin Cities has an amazing arts scene just waiting to be explored. Take time to reacquaint yourself with what you once found truly inspiring by going to some of these local events. Experience your first live poetry reading; attend a show featuring bands that you have never heard of before; or be entertained by a comedy troupe. Surrounding yourself with the arts is a simple way to keep you stimulated.

Once you’ve allowed yourself to become inspired, keep that momentum going. Venture out even further and exhibit your talents by submitting your art to Haute Dish. The Multimedia section is a new way for Metro State students to display their passion for acting, original music composition, short films, and other pieces. If you need help, the Haute Dish staff can assist you in recording your performance. Also, if you have a live arts event coming up, please let us know. We would be very excited to attend the event and record your performance or obtain an interview for our website.

There is a great wealth of talent here at Metro State University. We at Haute Dish look forward to your submissions in prose, poetry, visual arts and multimedia. Click HERE for more information on submissions.

Best wishes for the New Year,

Beryl St. Jeanne
Multimedia Lead