Terry Bebertz

Terry is an individual who believes art forms are all around- That many people overlook the beauty of their own footprints. He sees angles, waves, grass, and sky all containing beauty without the need of acknowledgement by humankind - though recognizing that beauty is here for us to enjoy. His subjects are varied but revolve around capturing what is overlooked by most people. The submissions within this issue of Haute-Dish are just some of those images and should you wish to view others you may go to his website at http://artisan-photographic.com.

Like many who have held a passion for photography, most of Terry’s life was spent in pursuit of a lifestyle that could provide a steady family income. It has only been a few years ago that he has had the time to really investigate this art and states that he finds it extremely exciting! He urges anyone to investigate their heart and take the time to set in motion such a spirit as he states he believes Art to be the bridge between Earth and Reality.