Summer 2007


N. Jeanne Burns

I have too many people to thank to fit on the home page, so here goes.

We could not do all of this work without the help of so many students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends.

Thanks to all my associate editors for helping to promote submissions: Misha Jameson, Jessie Lundquist, Joshua Fisher, Julie Kline, Emily Urness, Carol Critchley, Emily Urness and Rebecca Haven.

Many, many thanks to our always supportive and fantastic pinch hitter and faculty advisor Suzanne Nielsen. What would we do without you?

Thanks to the faculty and staff who promote Haute Dish, but especially the Writing Center. You guys rock.

I bow down to Matthew Bates for the new Website design. Please visit his Webpage and pass his name on to people who you know who need a new Website design.

Thanks to Jennifer Larson for helping out with the Fall 2007 submission flyer and postcard design.