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new york times crossword puzzle no. 107

Ted Hovey

Quality sound:
Round owlet out and about, hours without trauma.
Muscular playwright available; literally rockabilly, slangily.
Newly, briefly, eternally.
May Fifth Third Interbank Indians mail native baby home?
Maybe matriarch away?
Took off across badness, but ran?
Some simple soccer sitcom mom snags snooze alarm — stole show.
Midmorn information eyed: Malta Palm Mayor lied - order more work, nevermore.
Hit it big, bag dog.
Matching, cracking tops, down, but not up.
Life, like sky site sight, cites and bites.
Raise, recollect, and reissue responses.
Beat guitarist's twinset tuner wire is wirier.                                            
Fellow foes collect, requiring few funds lent,                                         
give evidence as blue blazers vis-à-vis opposite gizmo.                         
Where merchant transfers measure                                                       
coded console postings,                                                           
straight gate may aid shade databases.                                                  
Old cloth holders in inbox,                               
knocker wallop rival.                                       
All call scandal.                                                
Eyepieces —                                       
seeing sleeping streamers,                    
learn lean mean beat.                                       
That what isn't, doesn't, wasn't.                        
Subpoenas baste sarcasm.                   
Certain warper wants   
prime time station condition.
Simple title attached, perhaps lapsed.
First — scars inure.
Soak after water.
Includes things to dawn anew.
New camp queen and dwarf priestess actress
take a dim view of annoying dudes and procrastinators.
Well I'll be:


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