Summer 2006




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Down town bus stop

Lon Kaner

January exhales
            between the waiting
tired and hungry
I know these people

She wants a new car
but her boyfriend drinks

he has thousands
too cheap to spend it

He’s waiting for his wife
she’ll be on the next one
she’s a stripper
he ignores this torture

back there
she’s pregnant
doesn’t know it
            it’s her first
they’ll have to take it “C”

over there – next to the sign
that’s Herb
he’s a former writer
works as a shipping clerk
the block hasn’t lifted in twenty years
he wrote a best seller
nobody will ever see it
he feels fine
the cancer is spreading

that’s Jean
she’s here everyday
72 and still working hard
after 40 years as a waitress
she’s going to win the lottery

lucky bitch

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