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Welcome to the Summer 2006 edition of Haute Dish. We have a lot of great items that are but a few mouse-clicks away—stories and poems much more interesting than a stuffy letter from the editor—so in the interest of spurring you onward to far better things, I will keep this brief. In fact—it would be tempting to end this here, just to get you to the great content immediately, but as always, a few expressions of gratitude are in order.
Firstly, I would like to thank all the contributors who honored us with their submissions. We received a record number of submissions this issue, both in quantity and in quality. Reading your work was a distinct pleasure, and after careful consideration we editors selected those works that struck us as the very best from the total submissions. There were many fine submissions that we were unable to accept for this issue, but that’s the nature of a literary journal. Sending your work off into the world can be an intimidating prospect, and I thank all of you who rose to the challenge. I also wish to thank all those who chose to respond to the editor’s challenge for this issue: an inanimate object’s POV in 500 words or less.
Secondly, I would like thank our fine editorial and web-development staff for all their work in putting this edition together. A special thanks to Matthew Spillum for his role as chief instigator and head coordinator of the Haute Dish literary readings; another well-deserved thanks to Dan Ratte and Steve Shea for their promotional diligence and for keeping the machinery oiled; an additional thanks to Dianne Bennion for being the wind beneath the visual-arts wing; and as always, thanks to Suzanne Nielsen for excellence in faculty advising. Finally, an immense thank-you to webmaster Felicia Chong—it has been her hard work and web-savvy that Haute Dish has relied upon to publish your material since our premier issue. Felicia is graduating and moving on after this issue—so congratulations Felicia, we will miss you!
            Which brings me to the final round of thanks: the new staff additions at Haute Dish. I would like to thank Sam Kess for coming onboard as an associate editor, and Juin Charnell and Jill Tutewohl for joining us as web-developers. They all make fine additions to our crew!
            Finally, after a one-issue hand at the helm, I would like to introduce Dan Ratte as the new Haute Dish Managing Editor. Dan has done excellent work in making this issue possible, and was just crazy enough to take command of the vessel. Dan has great vision concerning the future course of Haute Dish, and with his hand at the helm, you can be assured of new and exciting things to come, all of which I’ll let him tell you about. So thanks again, everyone, and enjoy the issue!


Nate Thomas
Outgoing Managing Editor, Haute Dish    


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