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On behalf of the Haute Dish staff and Metropolitan State University, let me personally welcome you to the Summer 2005 edition of Haute Dish.

The Summer editions of Haute Dish are open to students, faculty, staff and alumni. We have submissions from each of those groups in this issue, and I could not be prouder for it.

For the Fall edition of Haute Dish we will be swimming the dangerous waters of what some call creative non-fiction and others call personal memoir. Either way, the story is about you for the Fall. The theme is: “Something About Me.”

Tell us the stories and show us the art that lets us see who you are. We want your poetry, your short stories, your essays, and your visual art. They don’t have to completely true or even partially true. We welcome, but do not require a journalistic viewpoint – the authenticity we want comes from inside of you, not your ability to verify facts. So help us again share the vision of Haute Dish – telling the stories in text or visual art of you as an adult learner making your dreams become reality.

Haute Dish is published three times a year. We will begin accepting submissions for the Fall issue on June 11. The deadline is August 11. Both full-time and part-time students of Metro State are all welcome to send submissions. We look forward to reading and viewing your work!

While you’re working on your story, please enjoy this edition’s theme of “getting to where I am.”

Leave us feedback at haute-dish@lists.metrostate.edu.


Clint Weathers
Managing Editor and Executive Poobah, Haute Dish


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