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Blue Flowers by artist Patty Schaefer

Spring 2008
Welcome to Haute Dish

After a whirlwind December and a hair-tearing beginning of January, we here at Haute Dish have finally managed to launch the Spring 2008 issue. I spent countless hours working with the IT Department here at Metropolitan State to get this new issue up and ready. Many thanks to them for their support.

Between the upgrades and changes in programs on the school computers I entered the year unaware that nearly every part of the training I went through to learn how to post Haute Dish had changed.

If you, as a reader, notice any problems with the site, please email us a

I do want to thank the great staff I have on board with me here at the magazine, who are sticking with me as we grow and change--I truly am excited about the upcoming semester and some of the changes we have in store. And our alumni editor this issue, Roshelle Amundson, who reminded me that taking a deep breath can really help.

So, take a deep breath and then grant yourself a break to read this issue of Haute Dish!

Rebecca Haven, Managing Editor
Many thanks to those who helped