Spring 2007




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Jennifer Olson

Bare feet on a cold tile floor.
A seductive groggy mixture
of red velvet wine and sweet lavender salt,
gritting the bottom of the vintage bath tub.
A half consciousness
Sipping a romantic dim,
of fluorescent lights upon stucco ceiling.
Casting shadows like the touch of cold porcelain,
to the prickling appeal of razor blade
on the robust curve of his calf.
The gurgle of the drain plugging with hair;
Awakening head rushes, like a spinning rubber duck.

In sacrifice of red strappy heels,
knobby knees wobble fresh cuts of careless shaving;
Down the hallway to elevator mirrors, reflecting
water balloon adjustments, and tugging dress seams.
A ride gravitating towards pinching toe steps
upon sidewalks.

Neon lights buzz, _New York, New York,_
Flashing a trance of passing strangers humming,
_Start spreadin_ the news._
All eyeing the length of uncomfortable skin,
Liberated in polished nylon legs.

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