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Matt Spillum

Matty Spillum is a writer.

Matty Spillum is an editor of Haute Dish Literary Journal.  

Matty Spillum is now a Metropolitan State University graduate. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Spillum in the fall of 2005.  It was in a Short Fiction class that he erupted; he then emerged the following spring in Readers as Writers, a course that is required for creative writing majors.  This fall he tosses zingers in the Humor Writing class.  Throughout these forty-five + weeks he has served as an integral editor on Haute Dish Literary Journal.  This December Matty walks off the stage having successfully completed the requirements of earning his BA Degree in Writing into a life beyond Metropolitan State University.  I hope he doesn't trip. 

I know Matty will take with him his undivided attention to writing and reading.  Maybe he'll continue to write novels in 30 days as a challenge; maybe he'll hook up with McSweeney's and eventually have his own column; that would not surprise me.  Whatever he does, he'll simultaneously consume mass quantities of caffeine while igknighting in metaphorical hyperbole with carnival jesters and members of the academy until time bids them adieu. 

Charge forward, young Knight.  You are armored with the authenticity of Metropolitan State University's diploma, thousands of pages of text that will keep you warm, and friendship that will never cease.  Thank you for all you give to us; we will never forget you.


Suzanne Nielsen and The Haute Dish Team 

PS.  Thanks for your 16 fabulous publications.  We all hope you remember us during summer submissions!

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