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Dear Mr. Santa Claus, in regards...
Aaron Bengsten

Dear Mr. Santa Claus,
            Thank you for the letter and generous offer of employment with your company.  I find the opportunity very attractive and lucrative, for both me and my family. 
Long have I awaited a reply to my application, since the age of five to be precise.  I took careful time with my decision, 42 years to be exact, and dug up several other applications that were returned to me due to false addresses (someone told me you lived somewhere on 34th Street in New York, another told me the South Pole).  Here is an old resume that was sent back to me in regards to employment with your factory:

            To be honest, I cannot recall the last time I even thought about working for you.  A lot has changed since I was a child.  For instance, I moved out of my parents’ house when I was 30 after attending college for roughly 12 years, on and off.  I married the girl of my dreams and got divorced, then remarried the girl of my realized dreams a couple years ago.  I have two step-children who think you don’t exist, simply because I have told them the story of how I used to send you letters as a kid.  I am a happily married man who has worked his way up the Blockbuster Video chain, to finally become store manager.
            After careful consideration, I must advise you that I have opted to further my career at Blockbuster Video, and will be training in “The Chosen One” as a cashier next Wednesday, a day after he gets his G.E.D.  Long has the prophecy told us about how “The Chosen One” could extend our companies profits, however, first I need to train him in on the register.  On completion of this task, I would love to consider my children for future employment with your company, and possibilities with your organization.
            Again, thank you for your consideration and employment opportunity you gave me.  I would appreciate if you don’t contact me in the future, and that you toss all files you have regarding my resumes and wish lists.

Aaron B.


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