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author bios

Aaron Bengtson lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his blanky still close to his bedside. He is a screenwriter and creative writer, as well as a student in these horrible career choices, at Metropolitan State University. He works with the city of Minneapolis as a video services intern and volunteers at The Loft. Some say he’s the next Bob Saget, others dub him Pee Wee Herman’s successor (Playhouse years only), while others maintain he’s just plain weird.

N. Jeanne Burns lives in Minneapolis with her partner Liz and her creatively named cat, Kitty. She writes where she can find a power outlet for her laptop, iPod and cell phone. Her muse, on the other hand, prefers to inspire her when she’s in the bathroom.

Maud Coulter was born and raised in St. Paul, MN. Attended Indiana University for three years and has been at Metropolitan State University for almost a year. She is majoring in creative writing and enjoys writing creative non-fiction and prose poetry. Coulter expects to graduate in the fall of 2007.

Elissa Garman is a Metropolitan State Social Science major with a disciplinary focus in political science. Her hobbies include: writing; politics and playing hopscotch while drinking scotch. Elissa's dream in life is to learn the game of curling and one day win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics.

Shannon Harris is pursuing a professional writing degree. She admires newspaper journalism and reads The Star Tribune daily. She can be reached at the following email address: harrissh@go.metrostate.edu.

Misha Jameson lives in St. Paul with one husband, one son, one dog, one cat and two fish. Her time is devoted to finishing her BA in Creative Writing, gardening, doing construction projects on her old house, and cleaning up after all the creatures that live in it.

T.J. Kampa is a quiet creative writing major who expects to graduate next year. His real job is working at HCMC in the lab, but he hopes that writing can eventually pay the bills. Wouldn't you rather write than analyze body fluids?

Kathy McEathron is a creative writing major. She is spending this semester finding her writer's voice through short stories. Inspiration comes from reading short story collections and then  plowing through the process of putting words on paper.  She lives in St. Paul.

Louis Murphy was born and raised, in St. Paul, MN, as a member of a commune; he left with his family in 1993.  Since then he has attended various colleges and universities, and has a welding degree from Anoka Technical College.  After three years in the manufacturing industry he returned to academics.  He resides in St. Paul, and is a creative writing major at Metro State.

Dan Ratté is a student in the creative writing program at Metro State and will be (God-willing) graduating in May of 2007. Dan writes mostly prose; an even mix of fiction and creative non-fiction/essay. He also enjoys photography and cooking.

Sam Ridenour does most of his writing at night.  Words and ideas mound up and filter down during the day while he works for his three-year-old boss.  After the family is fed and the dishes are done, he writes.  Sam resides in Minneapolis with his wife and son.

Matt Spillum lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota, slinging coffee, beer and wine to the masses. He graduated from Metropolitan State University in December 2006, finishing his seventeen-year graduation plan. Matt also throws frisbees, beats drums and dances to the music of the nice organ grinder guy who feeds him figs.

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