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Author bios

Bob Babin has lived everywhere. Well, that's what he claims anyway. He now resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with The Princess and Truman the Dog. Despite centuries of clean living, he still has hopes of creating something beautiful. Writing every day keeps that hope alive. He can be reached at: BobBabin@hotmail.com

Felicia Chong is a Master's degree student in Technical Communication. She lives in Saint Paul and works as a graduate assistant at the Department of Communication, Writing and the Arts. She took the Introduction to Drawing class in Fall 2004 and fell in love with art. Like others, she believes that drawing can be therapeutic, and only wishes she could have more time doing it.

Ted Hovey is a writing major at Metropolitan State University. He has also taken writing classes at the Loft Literary Center and SASE, the Write Place. Ted writes short fiction and poetry, and has had two poems published previously in Haute Dish. Ted lives in Roseville.

Kristin Johnson writes suspense fiction and poetry. She just earned her masters in technical communication program in December 2005 from Metropolitan State University. She has been published by Double Dare Press, Haute Dish and Whistling Shade. Currently, she is working on a novel set in Ireland and Wales.

Robert Lloyd has a double major of creative and technical writing. He enjoys writing poetry, short stories, and essays. He is looking to improve his humor writing. When he’s not writing, he is either watching a hockey game or researching his family history.

Dean Muldoon is a Junior Communications/Public Relations Major. He works at Wowza, an advertising agency in Minneapolis and is a commissioner for the New Hope Citizen Advisory Committee. Dean has been doing amateur photography for 3 years. This is his first semester at Metropolitan State University. His photograph is from the Whittier neighborhood in Minneapolis near the Minneapolis Institute for the Arts.

Tom Novak started out as a welder's assistant at a rustbelt shipyard. He discovered a fondness for writing while preparing to take the GED test. He migrated to Minnesota, and settled with his wife and baby boy in Minneapolis where he writes fiction and studies at Metro State University.

Pat Overbo will graduate with a degree in technical communications in May of 2006. She resides in Burnsville with her husband Tony and their two cats --yes, Felix really does exist. She became what society calls an
"empty-nester" in 2001 prompting her to sell the house, get married, quit
her corporate job and return to school. Now she contemplates what she wants to do if she decides to grow up.

Margaret A. Pribel -- I have always loved painting; it’s a great place to get away from an active mind. I have to give credit to musician, Nelson Bragg for my education in non-objective art about ten years ago. I like not being told what to think of a piece of work, I’d rather interpret for myself. I’m interested in trying to capture an idea, feeling concept or movement in my own painting and writing.

Matthew Spillum lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota, slinging coffee, beer and wine to the masses. He is studying creative writing at Metropolitan State, and is on target to graduate on his seventeen-year plan. In addition to writing, Matt is a longtime Ultimate Frisbee player, a percussionist and performer.

Nathan Thomas is a Metro State writing major, and recipient of the 2004 Robert L. Carothers Award for Distinguished Student Writing. He lives in Saint Paul with his wife, son, and two dogs.

Samantha Thompson, a creative writing student, is almost as mesmerized by a good piece of fiction as she is by a great pair of jeans. She is a lifelong
Minnesotan, a sometimes dancer, and a certified massage therapist. She
graduates in May. She hopes to meet Oprah.

William Wells is a forty-one year-old grandfather who has been writing casually for over 20 years. He plans to graduate from Metro in 2006 with a B.A. in Writing and a minor in English. William works for 3M as an Information Technology Internal Auditor.

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