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Spring 2005


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War Weather
By Michael Joseph Winslow

Unequivocally answer my quandary immediately!
I must insist on an intrinsic example before you
gather your forces or even lift a finger.

Tick Tock tenuously. Terse and vapid, I can’t
stand your rapid rush to embattle any enemy.
Action before announcement? -this incivility stinks!

Rulers attuned to ruinous rubrics:
Please leave decrees to peaceful people.
Deploy antidote envoys to the enemy instead of venomous enmity.

(tick tock, tick tock) Lots to consider my friends. Look around at the
world- we can do better.

War Weather;
whether we should now or should never.
Hesitate to send soldiers to heaven and
citizens will slip into Hell. Haven’t you heard?
It helps to:

Go beyond the barrier of just being a bully.

Fast forward past four unsolicited years of solitude,
savoring the absence of sound and dreams from your sleep.

Fast forward past four unnecessary years of sedation,
salivating from the mouth at the thought of change.

Fast forward past four unscrupulous years of smirks
supposed to zonk and placate a populous of coy children,proactive now, at the exact moment when motion matters.

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