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Spring 2005


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in the neighborhood
By Catharine Italiano

A scalp of sky lamentable
As we shamble
Down a dirty February street past
Houses huddled in disrepair
Trees groan good- naturedly
Shift to make room for rusted swings past
The tunnel to the womb and bland acceptance
If we refuse to look, pretend
To be alive living this way

Out the back window
A deliberately lost puppy wanders
Snuffling at the wet grass
As loathsome children pelt rocks
At cars at wind at each other
And the institution of motherhood
Smiles wanly on

Inside for the rest of the evening
Butts in the ashtray
Slumber side by side like sardines
That first night when we descended
Upon each other like dogs
A hollow October with that smell in the air
We went drunk and crazy that weekend.

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