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Spring 2005


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Energy Ending
By Michael Joseph Winslow

An oven of onus,
sadness is like an old and uncondemning friend (a comfort), so don’t scold me.

Supple and sumptuous, I am only sometimes
the enemy of my own abdominal engines —my energy ending.
Honestly, I am in
wondrous love with the world.
Warm ornate cortex: part! Let me glimpse the innermost globe of your insight
—gyrating, pliable and curious. Fit each new vision precisely into my prone eyes
and wait.

Could a kiss not calm all the odd optics in my vision
after withstanding such maddening aggravation?
—The outcome when one intakes all events ever
whilst simultaneously withstanding any outward thought process. Honestly,
I am in wondrous love with the world.

It is inside (in)decisions that most afflict my movement.

Hold on a moment. Let me (I will)
extinguish myself incandescently,
won’t you?



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