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Spring 2005


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christian bells
By Cindy Traxler

Its official-George W. Bush has been re-elected President of the United of America for four more years. The process worked more affectively than predicted, and we knew with clarity which candidate won the election. This is a time for celebration. The American public has spoken, and the voices of doom have been silenced. Democrats are out of touch and don’t understand what is important to the majority of voters. President George W. Bush was right on the war in Iraq, right about the tax cuts, right about stem cell research, affirmative action, outsourcing of jobs, and most importantly right about gay marriage. Whew! What has gone wrong in the last four years?

The first thing that has to be understood about this year’s election is it began four years ago when the Supreme Court voted to stop the recounting in Florida. By ceasing the recount, George Bush became the President of the United States.

September 11, 2001 changed President Bush from a lame duck president to the leader in the fight against evil. Americans forgot about the controversial election and rallied around President Bush as he vowed to get the people that destroyed the Towers. The only thing that mattered after 9/11 was being safe. Nothing like this could ever happen again. President Bush heard the cries of millions and he decided to act. Thus, the plans to invade Iraq began to materialize.

According to President Bush, Iraq was a “gathering” threat and had to be dealt with. So, he went to Congress to get the authority to use force, and they gave it to him. President Bush attacked Iraq, and has made no apologies for it, explaining to America that removing Sadaam Hussein would make the Middle East safer, and in turn America would be safer. The war began and so did the political campaign to unseat George W. Bush.

Democrats were now faced with the dilemma of how to argue against a war, that wasn’t going well, that they voted for. Their answer was, John Kerry, a decorated Vietnam War hero that had been Senator for the last 20 years. The conventional thinking was George Bush got out of fighting in Vietnam because of his political connections. Who else, except a war hero, could beat George Bush?

With every report the news from Iraq was getting worse, the economy failed to produce the way the Bush administration had forecast, and Americans support of the war began to falter. Democrats began to seize on every opportunity to point out the failures of the president’s policies. This worked for a while. George Bush’s numbers in the polls began to slip some. John Kerry was beginning to connect to the “average” voter, and then the Democratic convention was held.

John Kerry came out saluting the crowd, I’m sure the polls showed this may have been a good idea at the time, telling thousands in the arena and millions more watching from home that he was “reporting for duty.” Talk about overestimating your hand.

The Republicans wasted no time. They attacked John Kerry as if he were a war criminal. It was pointed out that he voted against defense spending while he was a Senator. Republicans made sure to highlight, through campaign commercials that John Kerry voted for the war before he voted against it. John Kerry was now known to the nation as a “flip-flopper,” someone that couldn’t make a decision without being told what to think. The image stuck, and John Kerry did nothing to counter the attacks made against him.

Then the Republicans had their convention, and true to form they put on a spectacular show. George Bush was the President of the United States. He was a man of conviction, fighting the unseen enemy. He had a vision for the war on terror. He was given an economy already in recession. It wasn’t George Bush’s fault that Sadaam Hussein hated “our way of life.” Nothing was his fault, according to the Republican’s, but he could be trusted where John Kerry would make us more likely to be attacked again. The stage had been set for the rest of the campaign. George Bush was steady and strong, and John Kerry was weak and wrong.

The Republicans quietly managed to place morality on the top of the issue list. A majority of the voting public decided that nothing mattered more that the sacred union of marriage in this election. This voter goes to church on a regular basis, is against teaching evolution in school, and believes sex education should consist of lessons on abstinence only. This is they type of voter that helped to re-elect George W. Bush to a second presidential term. This should scare the masses, especially those that didn’t bother to vote, into action. We can’t forget what the United States looked like the last time the Christian south had a hold on our country--African-Americans were swinging from trees.

As an African-American woman I urge all Christians to turn away from the sounds of the Christian bells that are ringing loud in their ears. Take a second and third look at the men (there may be a few women) that are leading the parade of hate and destruction. They don’t look much different than the religious leaders that helped crucify Jesus. Only now they are dressed in $5,000.00 suits and have the power of mass media at their backs. Their message, however, is no different than it was 2,000 years ago. They want to convince us that they know what is best for us, and that believing in them will lead to some kind of man-made peace. This notion is not only unrealistic, it is dangerous.

Democrats have to establish a strong base in this fight for power. It is necessary to communicate how important it is to understand the desires of people of faith. The Democratic Party must use their skills, heart, and passion for the future. They must speak to people in terms that are clear and progressive. The message has to be explained so that the masses understand their struggle can’t be won alone. Support is essential; division will destroy all that has been accomplished. It is not shameful to hold up, with pride, the history of the Democratic Party. Americans must be reminded that the struggle for freedom and equality has been led by the ideals of the Democratic Party. We can’t forget some of the things Republicans and the Christian south fight so hard against are the same things most Americans cherish as part of their freedom today.

Where would we be without The New Deal, The Civil Rights Act, and Affirmative action? How much time would have passed before rights would have been given to all citizens? Don’t misunderstand what I’m trying to communicate. The Democratic Party has plenty of faults; however, they are open to social evolution. This is necessary for the continued growth of our society, and societies throughout the world. If you don’t make an environment that is friendly to discussion on social issues then how can progress be made?

Over the next four years we will see what President Bush is really made of. I urge everyone, especially Christians, to pay attention to what is going on. Use your strength to support and promote good things in your communities. Understand that faith is not exclusion of others, and saying you believe in something is much easier than practicing your belief. Hold your leaders accountable for what they do and don’t get done. Make them understand that they work for all of us, not the other way around. And most importantly don’t jump on the bus that has the loudest Christian bells ringing, because the people driving that bus ring their bells because the noise of the bells silences our thoughts.

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