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Spring 2005


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Autumn in mn
Michael Joseph Winslow

Up from my pillow and out this a.m,
I slide like a sleeve over my neighborhood.

A symphony of different and separate
journeys bound to my single path, I am

ankle-high in big, bright yellow leaves I’ve
kicked up while waltzing around the boulevard
(they then floated down around me like an aura).
I awe at the spasming apart art of autumn
in Minnesota.

—the blonde or auburn or orange or maroon
atmosphere exudes opportunity (ever-present in
times of change) on my soakable soul, so much so
that I’ll craft a poem containing made-up words,
beam, and be pleased as punch.

Outcome of vibrancy mile after mile and
lanes lined with edentulous mouths of
yawning or howling branches is

—soft gums of undulating trees
seemingly humming “aim wherever you want.”

—your wide, bright smile
seemingly hissing “please these teeth.”

Oh the adventure.

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