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Spring 2005


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On behalf of the Haute Dish staff and Metropolitan State University, let me personally welcome you to the Spring 2005 edition of Haute Dish.

We want the students of Metro State to not only view and enjoy the work in this edition, but to be contributors to the Spring 2005 edition.

The next edition of Haute Dish will have a theme: “Getting to where I am.”
Tell us the stories and show us the art that lets us see how you got where you are. We want your poetry, your short stories, your essays, and your visual art. Help us share the vision of Haute Dish – telling the stories of adult learners overcoming obstacles to see their dreams become reality.

Haute Dish is published three times a year. Submissions are now being
accepted for the Summer Issue. The deadline is April 11. Students, faculty
and alumni of Metro State are all welcome to send submissions. We look
forward to reading your work!

While you’re working on your vision of “getting to where I am,” please enjoy this edition. Leave us feedback at haute-dish@lists.metrostate.edu.


Clint Weathers
Managing Editor, Haute Dish

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