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Dear Perfect Girl in Apartment C,

Thank you for inviting me
in for coffee that one afternoon,
about a year ago, or so. I’m sorry
if I left my finger prints on your
hand-painted periwinkle china.

You’re always asking if there’s anything
you can possibly do, for anybody. There is one
small, simple thing you can do, for me. You see,

I know you’re quite busy planning
a diamond white wedding, and
I hear the wind chimes you made
in that metal working class were a smash,

but if you’d please take a moment
from your color-coded schedule
to make a small announcement,
on national radio or television,
to tell the world

you are secretly

an axe murderer,
or an animal torturer,
or at the very least
wear     real     fur,

I would be much obliged.

On Broadway

that great white way, lights burn
bright as the conscience of men.

Bellboy, or busboy, or pretty boy
leading role – he lied to get that job.

No tights required here,
north of 42nd street.

Running for the longest time:
Naked Cowboy, Moving Statue

Singing Saxophone Guitarists
all in a row, two weeks each

until Rockefeller Center freezes over.

The Barmaid's Prayer

In roadside restaurants and smoky bars, she cleans
old stains from newborn shadows –  just a job,
although it seems, sometimes, the whole of her
life takes place in the space between drunk and

hung-over. Black coffee does little to keep her
awake, but it settles her nerves, like nicotine
or whiskey feed other addictions of other
people who know more know-how. One more

swipe at the oak bar – stubborn stains of bitterness
and heartache refusing to move. The wind, rumbling
like a souped-up hot rod, calls her to her window,
to her knees, to see if He will hear her whisper. 

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Sally Reynolds is a junior at Metropolitan State University. She enjoys all forms of art, as long as she gets to
define what “art” is. Someday, she’d like to work on a remake of The Thin Man movies.