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Jonah Volheim


Will someone revive my soul with an electric psyche defibrillator?
I need to know:  Is the sky etched with fire?
I can't take the grey any more.

I want to hear the sun and taste the echoes
of refracted wavelengths as it resonates through my mouth.
I want to pilot the Hindenburg of your heart
just to be a fiery survivor.
I want to live life as performance art
and not be ashamed to take the stage.
I want your horizon to meet my vanishing point
and continue onward into timeless existence.
I want to sufi dance to gregorian chants
as we spin down the te of tao.
I want to pick the fruit of your loom
and stomp it into ambrosia.
I want my lungs to fill with liquid oxygen
so I can be choked back to life.
I want to paint a Chagall of your nervous system
while you paint a Pollock of my circulatory. 
I want  you to know I don't need to be
the best lover you've ever had, just your favorite.
I want to build a xylophone out of the skeletons
in your closet and pound out the blue blue blues.
I want my when! to gain dharma transmission from your zazen
and hold the open hand of thought as we road trip across the multiverse.

I want you to know: The sky is etched with fire.

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Jonah Volheim is a senior at Metropolitan State.  His interests include: Ed McMahon, Cold Water Extraction, Bluegrass, and sorting and folding laundry.  After graduation he plans to sell his vital organs on the black market to the lowest bidder.