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September 13, 2010

Hello again, friends!

Welcome to the Fall 2010 issue of Haute Dish. This issue is especially dear to us because it marks the 18th online edition of our magazine. In other words:

We've been going strong for six years, baby!

Many literary journals never live past the age of five. But with the dedication and love of our all-volunteer staff, our faculty advisor Suzanne Nielsen, and many wonderful folks from the CWA Department, Haute Dish is growing and flourishing beyond our wildest dreams.

(Feeling nostalgic? Check out
the very first online Haute Dish, courtesy of inaugural managing editor, Clint Weathers.)

Monet's Touch by Terry Bebertz

Divine Hammer by Laura Sourdif

The deadline for our Spring issue is Monday, December 6, 2010. All current students are encouraged to submit original written work, art, and multimedia pieces for consideration! Our submission guidelines are located here.

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Look for our (free!) print issue on racks at all Metro State campuses starting the first week of October.

Finally, a huge round of applause to all who submitted work to this issue. Haute Dish wouldn't be possible without you - so keep on sending in your fabulous creative work!

Alicia Catt
Managing Editor
All copyrights held by individual authors and artists.

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