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Straight Up Class[ic]
by Sagan Schultz

Fall 2008
Welcome to Haute Dish

Becky HavenIt seems to me that the summer goes by quicker each year. To me, fall is welcome, in part because I love the crunch of leaves, and in part because I don’t have air conditioning in my home.  All joking aside, fall is my favorite season. Unlike spring, a period of growth, fall is a period of preparation and change. 

This fall in particular, there is a lot of change in the works for Haute Dish. For those of you that haven’t visited the site in a while, you’ll notice that we now have a Multimedia section. There was a phenomenal submission that we have posted and we hope to see many more submissions for the upcoming issue. 

We also have a new managing editor, Kenny Bellew, who has been behind the scenes making our website and archives work even better and who is full of many great ideas for Haute Dish.  Kenny was the mastermind behind the multimedia submissions, and I am sure he has many more great ideas up his sleeve.  I am proud to turn the magazine over to him; I know that the changes he makes will only make the magazine better.
Thank you to all the editors for all your hard work and to our advisor, Suzanne Nielsen, who has always encouraged us to experiment with the magazine and has welcomed the changes that fall brings to Haute Dish year after year.

Rebecca Haven,

Managing Editor