Summer 2007

Managing Editor

N. Jeanne Burns lives in Minneapolis with her partner Liz. She writes where she can find a power outlet for her laptop, iPod and cell phone. Her muse, on the other hand, prefers to inspire her when she's in the bathroom. Jeanne has been published in Haute Dish, Northography and Spout. She plans to graduate in December.

Associate Editors

Joshua Fischer is much more than a writer. He is also a beloved son, a big brother, a theologist, a mind-bender, an activist, a self-taught cymbal percussionist, a cement truck driver, a liar, a Shaolin Sword-style fighter, a Hulk-a-maniac, and, above all a typical wise-guy.

Rebecca Haven was born and raised in St. Paul, MN. After spending six years in Cleveland, OH, she realized the Twin Cities isn't so bad-the rivers in the Twin Cities don't catch fire. Rebecca lives in St. Paul, MN with her un-creatively named cat, kitty. Someday she hopes to actually get paid to write.

Christine Liebeg is a robot disguised as a college student who adores Transformers, learning about all things, and writing to her heart's content.  She works in IT for Metro State and likes to create mayhem and dirty socks in her spare time. She currently resides in the small town of Hampton with her adopted human family and is working towards completing her creative writing degree.

Jessie Lundquist lives in St. Paul with her fiancé and two cats. Through trial and error she has learned that doing any type of work at home is impossible with all of the distractions. Her hobbies include reading, writing and, pardon the cliché, shopping. She is currently working on her first novel.

louis murphy likes writing.  he also likes snow cones and puppy dogs. and nuclear fusion.  he likes action flicks that drool the doldrums and romances where everybody smokes.  he finds them both hilarious.  louis is still interested in why the word "weird" is spelled so strangely.  and he likes cute fluffy bunnies, raucous crows, and cows that fart (is there any
other kind?).

Emily Urness hails from a small town you've never heard of. She is about eleven feet tall. She is also the only Haute Dish editor to hold a degree in Music Business. She is also looking for someone to publish her first novel. She majors in Creative Writing and Theatre.