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On behalf of the Haute Dish staff and Metropolitan State University, let me personally welcome you to the Fall 2005 edition of Haute Dish.

The theme for this issue is, “Something About Me.” We asked for – and received – prose, poetry, rhetoric and visual art that reflects the stories of the adult learners who created the work.

Everyone, please welcome incoming Managing Editor Kristin Johnson. You may know her from her work here or at The Metropolitan. She brought us a fantastic idea, and we’re going with it: Instead of themes, Haute Dish will now issue a challenge to all of our writers. We give you a sentence – you run with it. Make it your own. Here’s your sentence: “Is this for sale?” Be brave and be authentic. Above all, be concise. You only have 250 words. Hey, it’s a challenge. We couldn’t make it too easy, could we?

Haute Dish is published three times a year. We will begin accepting submissions for the Spring 2006 issue on October 1st. The deadline is December 1st. Both full-time and part-time students of Metro State are all welcome to send submissions. We look forward to reading and viewing your work!

While you’re working on your story, please enjoy this edition’s theme of “Something About Me.”

Leave us feedback at haute-dish@lists.metrostate.edu.


Clint Weathers
Outgoing Managing Editor and Executive Poobah, Haute Dish

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